Mission Statement

Opin Kerfi provides a reliable service, based upon a solid foundation of tried and tested solutions. We are the first choice provider of technology solutions, for some of the most demanding leading corporations in Iceland.

  • We are committed to providing a professional service, based upon the individual needs of each client.
  • Opin Kerfi consistently aligns solutions with client needs. Maintaining a strong relationship with our suppliers will give us access to new opportunities and to the international market.
  • Opin Kerfi employs a well-coordinated team of individuals with excellent overall business skills and intuition, and superior knowledge within the specialist field of IT.
  • Opin Kerfi encourages a positive work environment, an emphasis on personal growth and openly encouraging our team to develop their professional skills, has made us one of the most sought
  • after working environments in the IT industry, in Iceland today.
  • Opin Kerfi is a well-run, financially healthy company that provides positive returns to investors and stakeholders.