Quality Management

Opin Kerfi has adopted a quality policy with an emphasis on quality management, encouraging transparency and a chain of responsibility in all its procedures. Our ‘quality manual’ explains and describes all documented processes and work descriptions.

The Quality management policy at Opin Kerfi aims to ensure a stable and uniform quality of product and services, supplied in accordance with the needs and expectations of customers at any time by:

  • Ensuring an excellent, consistent and professional service based on mutual trust, honesty and open mindedness between employees and customers.
  • Placing a great emphasis on product quality and attempting to be a leader in the sales of computer hardware and netbúnaði.
  • Ensuring that contractual services are provided and are on time.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the knowledge of workers and thus contributing to a stronger team.
  • Create a positive and encouraging environment that supports initiative, service and the will to succeed.
  • Promoting quality awareness through active participation in the process of continuous improvement as a team.
  • Ensure that employees work according to the procedures set out and published in the quality manual.
  • The management of the company should create favourable conditions in order to maintain a high standard and quality of services. They should define the role and vision of company, establish a quality system that is continually evolving and actively participate in motivation and training.
  • Providing employees with a good working environment and incentives to work together in order to support their initiatives.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the professional knowledge of workers.
  • Complying with the laws, regulations and rules pertaining to commercial and consumer law, privacy law, the Information Act and other laws that may apply.PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Opin Kerfi has designed a project management system that is both simple and effective. Project management is used to meet specific objectives, with a view to utilizing the appropriate methodology for each project, dependent upon its size and nature. Opin Kerfi employs a team of dynamic project managers (all with IPMA certification), who have experience in steering a variety of projects, both large scale and small scale.