Safety and Security Management

The Safety & Security Management Policy at Opin Kerfi consists of both organisational and technical elements. A safety and security policy has been published, with the aim of ensuring a safe working environment for all our members of staff and to protect all documentation against loss, theft or damage. Our safety and security policy is in keeping with the national mandatory regulations in Iceland.Opin Kerfi comprises a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, working together to provide its clients and affiliates with the highest possible standards in services and solutions in the IT sector

Opin Kerfi has promised its customers to ensure and protect their security and has implented appropriate measures to fullfill those promises:

  • Technological advances should increase the safety of our products, not compromise them.
  • To follow good business practices, the law and to protect the privacy and the interests of clients.
  • To implement effective security measures in accessing facilities and information within the company and to protect resources against operational problems, abuse, theft, vandalism, destruction, natural disasters etc.
  • That information is accurate and accessible to those who need or have the right to access it.
  • That confidential information is protected against disclosure, destruction or damage by those who do not have permission to access it, whether by intent or negligence.
  • The continued availability of both reliably and easily preserved copies of the specified protected data and software systems.
  • That information through the network reaches the appropriate recipient intact and on time, and that it remains private.
  • That estimates are made on business continuity, that they are maintained and tested as often as possible.
  • That any violations or suspected weaknesses in information security are reported and investigated.
  • That the risk associated with the processing and preservation of any information is within defined risk limits.