Iceland as Colocation

Run your hardware in one of the world’s most optimal locations with 100% green energy sourcing and military-level security.
Opin Kerfi offer a wide range of set options or customised solutions.
Starting with half a rack up to several units, this offering is suitable for any business size. 

We pride ourselves in our 30-year long experience and personal approach to every customer, resulting in a solid track record of success together with our clients due to substantial expertise combined with speed and excellence of service. What keeps analysts constantly thrilled about colocating in Iceland?

We have been named the ultimate IT colocation and keep being praised as clients keep reaping the benefits listed below. The reason to why they keep leading back and forth to one another is because they are connected in an unmatched combination.

Sustainability comes as a standard in Iceland – datacenter energy being no exception. This leads to…
… stable IT bills for years ahead, because cost of energy is significantly lower than other locations – and predictable. This means that….
…you can plan your expenses more accurately and with full confidence! A colocation or service-provider in general that can guarantee pricing for many years to come is not common, and if common, the factors need to be evaluated. Something Iceland is stable with and has been for many years is the consistently low price on energy due to the origin. This results in more accurate forecasting –and increases your success. It really is that simple.
Not only is the natural safety a fact, but so is the physical and virtual safety of your data. There really is no safer place for your IT and for your end-customers data.


With the colocation service you can add the following service options – from ensuring basic maintenance to complete management.

  • Stacking and Racking
  • Break and Fix Service: if your infrastructure runs into problems, our experts will do what is needed to get it up and running again.
  • Flexible Rack Units: with price per rack unit, both small and larger businesses can colocate with us.
  • Internet Connection
  • Managed Services: multiple options to suit client need from software upgrades to day-to-day operations. Discussed with a representative as appropriate.


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